Friday, April 13, 2018 – Georgetown, Guyana: Following reports that some residents of Tapakuma, Region 2, have contracted Typhoid, the Guyana Water Incorporated has intervened to test and disinfect the well in the community.

Reports are that villagers practice rain water harvesting and dig their own ponds due to their reluctance to use water supplied by a shallow community well. The well, which was drilled by the Regional Administration, is supported by aged infrastructure and produces water with high iron content.

The Guyana Water Incorporated has since taken up the mantle to remedy the situation. We have found that the distribution network is made up of lines that are more than four years old with no flush out points and incrustation caused by the high levels of iron.

Efforts are being made to upgrade the current network by installing flush out valves, disinfecting lines and reducing the iron content in the water.

According to reports from the Community Health Centre, some 10-15 persons have displayed symptoms of Typhoid, with the majority testing positive for the infection.   

GWI wishes to assure residents of Tapakuma that all measures are being implemented to improve the quality of water supplied to the community.