Accounts & Billing

The Accounts and Billing section is here to help you get all the information you need about your GWI account and expected monthly charges. Select from the array of options below the specific area of service you are interested in finding out more about.

Payment Outlets

GWI Payment outlets may be found countrywide and you may pay your water service bills through any of the following outlets listed below. GWI Payment Outlets range from physical locations to electronic payment services. Click on a listed payment outlet for more information on the operating hours (if applicable), map-based location (if applicable) or electronic payment procedure (if applicable) to help you find your way!

View Payment Locations
  • Guyana Post Office Corporation
  • Region 2 – Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast - 771-4301
  • Region 2 - Bartica - 455-2210
  • Region 3 – Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara - 264-2279
  • Region 4 – Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara - 233-5024
  • Region 4 – Enterprise, East Coast Demerara - 229-6156, 229-6170
  • Region 4 – Vlissengen Road - Georgetown - 227-8701,3 or 4
  • Region 5 – Onverwagt West Coast Berbice - 328-2656, 2655
  • Region 6 – Chesney, East Berbice, Corentyne - 332-0477
  • Region 7 – Bartica
  • Region 10 – McKenzie Linden - 444-6108, 444-2551
  • Hinterland – Lethem

FAQs & Inquiries

Browse or search a list of frequently asked questions below. Feel free to submit an inquiry if your question could not be found among the list of questions below.

GWI was owed in excess of $5 billion at the end of December 2007 by customers, some of whom have not paid their bills for several years. Added to this are the bills that are now due. This situation cannot be allowed to continue because the Company is unable to pay its main supplier, GPL.

The majority of domestic customers in the country have un-metered supplies. Most of these are asked to pay only $8,160 per year, which is the equivalent of $22 per day. Customers in the Georgetown area have historically paid more than this and some who live in high rateable value houses pay $19,200 per year, which is still only $53 per day. A bottle of coca-cola costs about $160.

The majority of customers will eventually have a meter and pay for what they use. Current metered customers outside Georgetown are asked to pay $58 for cubic metre of water used. A cubic metre is about half a black water tank (220 gallons). So you can fill a black water tank for only $100. Customers in Georgetown will pay more than this but will still be able to fill their water tank for no more than $200.

In many cases customers either waste water through leaving taps running or have allowed their bills to mount up so they have arrears outstanding brought forward from previous bills.

It is important that customers contact us quickly and enter into a payment arrangement to settle their bill. These can be tailored to suit individual financial circumstances but must be kept and the accounts cleared within the agreed timescale. Doing nothing is not a good option because you will eventually be disconnected and face increased costs to get the supply back on.

Bills can be paid at the GWI offices as shown on the bill or at Bill Express, Post Offices, Citizens Bank, Republic Bank and GBTI. If you need to resolve a query before settling the bill then this is best done at the GWI office. Local arrangements for payment at other locations will also be available (e.g. your NDC office)

The Company is striving to improve service to its customers both in terms of a continuous supply and quality. Whilst in the future we hope to achieve a continuous 24 hour service for the majority of customers, at present it isn't possible because the prices we charge only allow for the Company to pay pumping costs for part of the day. Your bill therefore reflects the level of service available at the moment. The service will not improve significantly until customers start to pay their bills on time.

It will vary from area to area but the minimum covered by the bill is a supply at standpipe level in your yard. This will be at different times of the day according to publicised schedules for particular areas. You should know when the water is going to be available to you so that you can deal with your own storage arrangements

Total revenue from customer bills does not, at present, cover the company's day to day operating expenses, particularly our GPL bill. The recent price increase of 10% approved by the PUC is primarily to cover inflation over the past two years.

Improvements are being made in various areas through donor funded capital projects that have not affected customer bills.