Guyana Water Inc.,

Occupational Safety & Health Policy Statement of Intent

  1. Objectives

         The Objectives of this policy are to establish guiding principles;

  1. To make certain that employees are not subject to unsafe working environments, processes and practices.
  2. To make certain that employees are not subject to unfair discrimination and judgment when raising or reporting concerns relating to Safety and Health in the workplace.
  3. To improve data collection systems for effective analysis, interventions, planning and budgeting resources, and for informed decision making.
  4. On how to manage risk and prevent accidents in the workplace.
  5. For promoting information, training, communication, and general awareness on Safety and Health.
  6. On employer/employee responsibilities.
  7. To boost the internal responsibility system for workplace safety and health by the establishment of the Joint Workplace Safety and Health Committee.


  1. Scope

The company and its employees shall use this policy to customize their programs and projects to workplace Safety and Health needs.

This policy shall not carry any legal obligation beyond those encapsulated in the Safety and Health Act and its Regulations, Statutes and Constitutional provisions.

This policy shall be interpreted in association with other company policies, stipulations, and best practices, produced by the Board of Directors and Management of Guyana Water Incorporated. 


  1. Policy Principles

Guyana Water Incorporated is committed to the development of a culture of Safety and Health within the company. All employees have a duty to actively participate in all Safety and Health  programs and to strive for an accident free workplace.

This policy is guided by principles that exist in the National Laws, National Occupational Safety & Health Policy, Conventions of the International Labour Oranization, codes of practice and guidelines in Occupational Safety & Health, and World Health Organization (WHO) and ILO Action Plans.

The policy reinforces the company’s commitment to make the management of risk and prevention of accidents and injuries in the workplace a priority.

A commitment to sustaining a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory, work environment.

A commitment to secure compliance with Safety and Health legislation.

A commitment to provide employees with job specific training and personal development programs enabling them to better undertake their duties.

And a commitment to maintain accurate Safety and Health records for all areas of the company’s activities and to make information affecting the Safety and Health of the employees accessible where relevant to their continued wellbeing.


Safety and Health Policy Statement


The following policy statement reflects the commitment of Guyana Water Incorporated to the adoption of proactive Risk Assessment and Safety Management principles in all aspects of its operation, in conformation with the pronouncements of the Safety and Health Act 1997 and relevant legislation as detailed in the legal framework, and in the management of premises, projects and routine work assignments of Guyana Water Incorporated.

It is the policy of Guyana Water incorporated, in so far as is reasonably practicable and in consultation with all those we come in contact with, to;

  1. Apply safe working procedures and practices, and to act in conformity with appropriate Safety and Health legislation, and the 1997 Act and its regulations with a commitment to review and update this policy annually as it becomes necessary.
  2. Create and maintain an environment that has adequate arrangements for the Safety, Health and welfare of employees and the public in accordance with the Safety and Health Act, 1997 and its Regulations.
  3. Provide safe means of access, ingress and maintain premises, plant and equipment and work systems that are free from health risk.
  4. Provide equipment and staff as may be necessary to deal with accidents and emergencies.
  5. Provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision as may be necessary to protect the Safety and Health of employees.
  6. Encourage and foster good interpersonal relationships between management and employees on all matters relating to Safety and Health at work, including the establishment of Committees, allowing them to openly express any concerns they may have about Safety and Health matters along with the active involvement of the Trades Unions.
  7. Subscribe to, and participate in the activities of National and local agencies and associations promoting safety awareness and risk management.
  8. Monitor the progress of all Safety and Health matters within Guyana Water Incorporated, and to encourage employees to report incidents and accidents so as to limit reoccurrences.
  9. To provide, and encourage employee participation in medical screening programs for all high risk employees, against hazards in the workplace, thus ensuring a healthy workforce in a healthy work environment.
  10. Fully recognize the fact that it is the responsibility of all employees to safeguard the Safety and Health of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their actions at work, as well as to abide by the Safety and Health laws of Guyana.
  11. To strive for continuous improvement in Safety and Health performance.