The Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commission was established on the 23rd March 1929 to provide for the completion of the Sewerage Works of Georgetown. Its objectives were to establish a body of Commissioners to control maintain and manage the Sewerage System and Waterworks of Georgetown; and to provide for the maintenance thereof. GS&WC was responsible for Central Georgetown. The Georgetown Sewerage and Water Amendment Act Number 4 of 1994 made the GS&WC an autonomous public sector institution under the control of the Minister of Works and Communications.

The Guyana Water Authority (GUYWA) was established under the Guyana Water Authority Act Chapter 55:01 of 1972. Its main activities included the construction, operation and maintenance of water distribution systems in order to supply potable water to the public. Prior to the establishment of the Authority, responsibility for the water sector was that of the Pure Water Supply Division of the Ministry of Works.

The Guyana Water Authority was responsible for delivering water to the suburban, Rural and the Hinterland regions excluding Linden and those areas supplied by the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee.

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) was established, resulting from the merger of the Guyana Water Authority (Guywa) and the Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners (GS&WC), on May 30, 2002. Thus, GWI is responsible for the previously divided responsibilities of GUYWA and GS&WC.