Customers being served by the Providence and New Hope well stations, please be advised that on Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6 you will experience a disruption of water service for approximately 5 hours, beginning at 8am.

Providence serving areas include: Providence and Herstelling New Schemes, Perseverance Housing Scheme and Farm Phase 1.

New Hope serving areas include: Craig, New Hope and Friendship.

This is to conduct geophysical logging of the above mentioned well station.          

This exercise is necessary because the Guyana Water Incorporated has recognised the need to sustain its underground water source so as to ensure a continuous supply to citizens. This is mainly due to the fact that groundwater is the most reliable source of potable water for public use. Groundwater represents more than 90 of the supply on the coast and 70 percent countrywide.

Therefore, GWI in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, under the Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Improvement Program (WSSIIP) is pursuing actions to prepare and implement a groundwater management plan, to assess the sustainability of the groundwater supply in Guyana.

The utility has collaborated with Deltares, an applied research institute in water and subsurface environment from the Netherlands, to develop a model that will seek to guide us on the physical characteristics of the groundwater resource on the coast. 

This activity of geophysical logging is being carried out at coastal wells in regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10.