Guyana Water Incorporated, in keeping with Section 58 & 59 of the Water and Sewerage Act 2002 will be conducting routine investigations of recently completed and ongoing construction within the Georgetown Sewerage area. These efforts are being done to encourage compliance with approved designs and construction standards. 

The Laws of Guyana Water and Sewerage ACT 2002 – Sections 56-62 state that:

  • No building shall be constructed or reconstructed in any sewerage area, unless GWI has first approved of the building plan, the associated water closet, connection to the house sewer and any alteration to the house sewer already constructed.
  • Further, the location, dimensions, and material for construction of every house sewer shall be subject to the approval of the Company. (Section 58, subsection (2) or (3))
  • Any person who fails to comply with subsection (2) or (3) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to penalties prescribed under paragraph (b) of the Second Schedule.
  • A fine of not less than GYD$15,000 nor more than GYD$50,000 and imprisonment of 3 months.

GWI takes this opportunity to encourage Property Owners to ensure that their sewer constructions are done in accordance with the approved design and building standards. Further, the company asks that care be taken during the construction process to prevent sand and builders-waste from entering the Sewerage System


 By order of Guyana Water Incorporated Management