What are Water Meters?

Water magnetic, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic or mass devices used to consumption measure the consumption of water. It is the sole instrument available to provide fair and documented billing for customers countrywide.

It provides data that may be fundamental for the technical management of a utility, allowing for rigorous water balances, characterizing demand and identifying anomalous behaviours and failure in the water supply system.

Each meter is equipped with an individual serial number.

Mechanical Domestic meter technology is classified under two categories:

  1. Single Jet Meters
  2. Multi Jet Meters

GWI uses Single Jet Meters - These use a single port of entry that forces water to stream tangentially with a turbine mounted in a radial position within the body of the meter. The rotation of the turbine transmits the motion to the reading mechanism allowing the measurement of the volume of water passing through the meter. The rotation speed of the turbine is proportional to the water flow inlet.


Reading Your Meter

Water passes through a series of internal mechanisms. These mechanisms called “gears” move as water flows through the meter and turns the dials to recording its usage.

Digits on a meter moves from right to left to record consumption in meter cube. The red dials are the first dials to move to record the amount of litres passing through it. When 1000 litres is recorded on the red dials, the first black dial, immediately after the red dials, will move to record one cubic meter (1m3).

1 cubic meter = 1000 litres




The Guyana Water Incorporated mostly use these water meters:



Brand: Elster

Call Name: PSM 1”

Model: V110

Format of series:02A1

Type: Single Jet

Year of Manufacture: 2002

Number of Digits: 5

Unit of measure: Cubic meter

Materials: Bronze

Size: 1 ¼ “



Call name: J13 meter

Model: S150

Format of Series: J12 – J13

Type: Single Jet

Year of Manufacture: 2013

Number of Digits: 5

Unit of measure: Cubic meter

Materials: Bronze

Size: ¾"