The Hinterland department is responsible for both the operations and project implementation of potable water systems within Regions 1, 8, 9 and villages in the upper Mazaruni of Region 7. The Regions are further divided into Hinterland communities and towns/small towns. The towns are Lethem and Mabaruma and small towns (referred by GWI) are Mahdia, Port Kaituma, Matthew’s Ridge and Santa Rosa (Moruca) while all other Indigenous settlements are referred to as Hinterland communities. In these towns/small towns, residents have individual service connections while in Hinterland communities stand pipes are set up at strategic locations to serve the population. The population within the Hinterland is 84,972 with 149 schools and 131 health facilities.

Regional Technician Engineer – Mr. Julian Cole
Phone: 592-674-7218