In 2016, Region 2 had a population of 46,014 persons and its operational areas ranged from Pomeroon to Supenaam along the Essequibo Coast with 12,081 households and 10,489 customers. It produced water from ground sources through the operation of 6 Pump Stations, and 1 Water Treatment Plant (WTP) which supplied service through the distribution system. The WTP located at Lima on the Essequibo Coast serviced three thousand, seven hundred and twenty-eight (3,728) customers in twenty-six (26) communities. There are 86 other communities which receive water from the 6 pump stations along the coast that service the remaining 6,761 customers with service connections in the region. There were 5,567 metered customers and 4,922 unmetered customers. 5,478 metered customers had domestic accounts while 4,230 domestic accounts were unmetered.

Address: Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
Telephone Number(s):
  • 592-771-4301
  • 592-771-4162

Regional Manager - Mr. Brionne Gangaram
Phone: 592-624-0228

Revenue Officer - Emeline Persaud-Dhanoopdarie
Phone: 592-620-1610