In 2016, Region 3 had a population of 105,919 persons and its operational areas include the Essequibo Islands and range from Present Hope on the East Bank of the Essequibo River to Free and Easy on the West Bank of the Demerara River with 105,919 households and 30,032 customers. It produces water from ground sources through the operation 27 pump stations, and 3 water treatment plant (WTP) which supplied the distribution system. The operations provided services to 570 commercial, 29,300 domestic, 114 industrial, 48 institutional customers. There are 36 Schools and 8 health Centers in the region. The Pouderoyen WTP had a customer base of 2,485 of which 1,514 and 971 were metered and unmetered respectively, Vergenoegen had 3,449 and 1,479 metered and unmetered customers respectively. Fellowship WTP had 1,198 and 757 metered and unmetered customers respectively.

Address: Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara
Telephone Number(s):
  • 592-264-2279
  • 592-264-2845

Regional Manager - Mr. Aggrey Anderson
Phone: 592-620-1863

Revenue Manager – Dahia Douglas-McBean
Phone: 592-620-1874