In 2016, Region 6 had a population of 107,954 persons and its operational areas ranged from Mara to Molsen Creek and includes outlying areas such as Orealla, Siparuta, Baracara and New Forest with 31,705 households and 33,292 customer connections. Service is provided 24-hour through 4 WTPs located at New Amsterdam; Number 56 Village; Port Mourant; and Queenstown with service connections of 3,973; 1,330; 3,228; and 3,219 respectively there were 20 pump stations serving 132 communities across the region excluding the 3 wells stations which provide water to the three WTPs at Port Mourant, Number 56, and Queenstown. The service is provided to 972 commercial, 30,380 domestic, 224 industrial, 52 institutional customers. There were 47 Schools and 16 Health Centers.

Address: Chesney Office
Telephone Number(s):
  • 592-322-0477
  • 592-322-0780

Regional Manager - Mr. Randolph Leitch
Phone: 592-620-7229

Revenue Manager - Loiden Henry
Phone: 592-623-7801