In 2016, GWI provided service primarily to Bartica in this region which had a population of 17,270 persons. Water is provided from surface sources primarily from the Mazaruni River via the WTP located in Central Bartica which had 4,571 households and 1,936 customers, 1,447 metered and 489 unmetered. Among the categories served are Commercial - 100; Domestic – 1,786; Industrial - 44; Institutional 8; 4 Schools. GWI also investigated the water supply in the Amerindian village of Karrau and after testing it was determined that the creek which supplied water to the community was polluted from the nearby mining operations.

Address: 15 Fifth Avenue, Bartica
Telephone Number(s):
  • 592-455-2210
  • 592-455-2271

Regional Manager - Neil Thomas
Phone: 592-620-1848

Revenue Manager - Ms. Bonnie Odwin
Phone: 592-620-1876