Accounts & Billing

The Accounts and Billing section is here to help you get all the information you need about your GWI account and expected monthly charges. Select from the array of options below the specific area of service you are interested in finding out more about.

Payment Outlets

GWI Payment outlets may be found countrywide and you may pay your water service bills through any of the following outlets listed below. GWI Payment Outlets range from physical locations to electronic payment services. Click on a listed payment outlet for more information on the operating hours (if applicable), map-based location (if applicable) or electronic payment procedure (if applicable) to help you find your way!

View Payment Locations
  • Guyana Post Office Corporation
  • Region 2 – Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast - 771-4301
  • Region 2 - Bartica - 455-2210
  • Region 3 – Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara - 264-2279
  • Region 4 – Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara - 233-5024
  • Region 4 – Enterprise, East Coast Demerara - 229-6156, 229-6170
  • Region 4 – Vlissengen Road - Georgetown - 227-8701,3 or 4
  • Region 5 – Onverwagt West Coast Berbice - 328-2656, 2655
  • Region 6 – Chesney, East Berbice, Corentyne - 332-0477
  • Region 7 – Bartica
  • Region 10 – McKenzie Linden - 444-6108, 444-2551
  • Hinterland – Lethem

FAQs & Inquiries

Browse or search a list of frequently asked questions below. Feel free to submit an inquiry if your question could not be found among the list of questions below.

If you receive an un-metered bill but have a meter on your line call at your GWI office and tell them. We will update our records and start to bill you on the metered tariff from then onwards.

You must notify your local GWI office immediately and you will be put on the correct tariff-if you don't you will face a large backdated bill in the future.

Call into your local GWI office to discuss the issue.

You should notify your local GWI office immediately and you will be put on the correct metered tariff, the un-metered bill will be canceled.

Any un-metered customer with arrears from their previous bill will be candidates for disconnection, similarly a metered customer with arrears will also be a candidate for disconnection.

Your supply will be disconnected if you have not paid your bill, after all you would not supply your customers if they didn't pay you. If you are a food outlet the Public Health department will be notified.

Your supply may be disconnected. You should call in to your local GWI office to request your water bill

You must pay your bill at your local GWI office. You will also have to pay a reconnection fee. If you can't pay the whole amount you may be allowed to pay in installments with a payment arrangement contract. If you have paid your bill at any other location other than the GWI office you must walk with your receipt as proof of payment.

Examine the bills carefully, they should tell you the period they relate to. If you haven't paid for that period you must pay the total amount owed on the latest bill.